A psychological travel story

Happy New Year is a compelling travel
story in search of answers.
In flashback this cinematic novel guides
the reader not only through three
continents but also along the many
new faces Alex encounters on his
search. They not only cross his path
but also influence the course of his
life while he influences theirs.


Alex is a professional photographer and
painter, very satisfied with life as a whole
and his own in particular. Yet, on the first
day of the New Year, this safe balance
wavers when Ella literally falls into his arms.
From that moment on, his life revolves
around her and no longer around himself.
However, within Ella lingers decay, eroding
like concrete rot and permeating the
foundations of their relationship.
A staggering confrontation strikes
unawares during their journey through
Later, on his lonely quest through the US,
Alex further battles the demons of the past.
Ultimately he has to take a decision.
Back home. Will it be a happy New Year?

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Part I, chapter 1 and the start of chapter 2
Contents Part I End and beginning
    1 Ella and Tanya
    2 Ella
    3 Steve
    4 Ben and Sarah
  Part II Africa, Namibia
    1 The Kalahari
    2 The Fish River Canyon
    3 The Namib-Naukluft Desert
  Part III United States
    1 Boston
    2 Chicago
    3 Rocky Mountains
  Part IV Africa, Namibia
    1 On the road again
    2 Opuwo
    3 The Epupa Falls
    4 Etosha
    5 The journey back
  Part V United States
    1 The Grand Canyon
    2 The Mesa Verde
    3 Start of the quest
    4 The island
    5 Dreams and decisions
    6 Detectives
    7 Good-bye and continuation
  Part VI Ben's hut
    1 The hut
    2 The abbey
    3 The flush of painting
    4 Purification
    5 Confession
  Part VII At home
    1 Scorpion
    2 New Year's Eve
    3 Midnight
  Part VIII Happy New Year
    1 Seeing is the bitterest form of knowing
    2 Conclusion