Frieda Schijven is a narrator of epic stories, both in her paintings
and photos but most of all in her novel 'Happy New Year'.

She started her art education in Maastricht. After two years
she continued in Tilburg , where she graduated as a teacher
in the visual arts. Since then she divides her time between
painting and teaching part time at a secondary school.
She paints mainly in series. They not only have a theme in
common but always tell a story as well. Each painting is an
intricate part of the whole and an autonomous work which must
convincingly be able to stand on its own.

Amongst others, she has exhibited her paintings in Maastricht,
Tilburg, Heerlen, Haaren, Roosendaal, Antwerp and Amsterdam.

She is as much a passionate nature and animal lover as she
is a globetrotter. Together with her husband she has travelled
several times through southern Africa. Apart from Dutch she
speaks English, French and German. This enables her to
communicate with almost everyone she meets on her travels.

In the past few years an ardent desire to tell stories has resulted
in the writing of her psychological travel novel 'Happy New Year'.